The Role of Insurance In Personal Injury Cases.

The vast majority of personal injury settlements and awards are paid by insurance companies. Automobile owners and homeowners regularly pay significant premiums to insurance companies for the exact purpose of insuring against liability to third parties. Thus, when an insured individual negligently causes injury to a third party, it is typically that person’s insurance company which defends against and pays for any claims brought by that third party or by our client.

If you were in an automobile, motorcycle bicycle accident or any other kind of personal injury claim the payment for your injuries will come from an insurance company. Even though that is the case California courts prevent jurors from hearing about any available insurance coverage on the grounds that it would cause a juror to be improperly influenced by knowing that the actual defendant would not be paying. The law is concerned that jury verdicts would be greater if the jurors knew that the insurance companies would be paying the entire verdict.

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